Don’t bother mourning Amy Winehouse

My colleague Hailie has chosen to write a thoughtful remembrance of Ms. Winehouse.  I, however, will be addressing, let’s say, a darker side of the story.


This post started out in my head as a simple concept: Yeah, it may suck that Any Winehouse is dead, but – ya know what? – don’t waste your time feeling sorry for her or mourning her death.  In all likelihood, she did it to herself.  While the first autopsy was “inconclusive” (and, as of this writing, concrete evidence of C.O.D. is not available), she was widely known for drug abuse.  The most famous story – at least, that I’ve found so far – dates back to 2007 when she collapsed after taking a combination of “heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and the horse tranquillizer ketamine.”  Just…wow.

But then I realized that she’s not the first musician to (ugh, most likely) cause her own death via drugs.

Layne Staley of Alice in Chains also struggled with drug addition – most notably, heroin.  His death, caused by a speedball overdose, was ruled accidental.  True as that is or may be, he still chose to try either heroin or coke for the first time when ultimately led to his addiction which led to his early death.

Which, of course, is a great loss to rock.


He had a chance to clean up.  Hell, he had many.  A good chunk of AIC’s catalogue was written either about Staley’s drug problem ( “Down In A Hole”) or about the way his drug problem was viewed by friends and or family ( “No Excuses”).  It’s depressing because those same songs were co-written by Staley.  So I find it hard to grieve for a guy who wrote and sang lines like, “You can’t understand a user’s mind/ But try with your books and degrees/ If you let yourself go and open your mind/ I’ll bet you’d be doing like me/ And it ain’t so bad.”  Or, worse, when he sang lyrics written about him by bandmate (and friend) Jerry Cantrell chronicling their troubled friendship: “Its okay, had a bad day/ Hands are bruised from breaking rocks all day/ Drained and blue, I bleed for you/ You think it’s funny? Well you’re drowning in it, too.”

Which brings me back to Amy.  Like Staley, Winehouse sang songs about her own demons.  Her biggest hit, in fact, details her refusal to get help: “They tried to make to go to rehab but I said, ‘No, No, No.'”  Perhaps even more ridiculous: “I ain’t got 70 days, ’cause there’s nothing, there’s nothing you can teach me/ That I can’t learn from Mr. Hathaway.”

So why should I feel bad (beyond the loss of her talent) about her demise?  Her own stubbornness – and, worse yet, her complete fucking ignorance! – probably did her in.

There’s an interesting blog post over at Huffington that wonders whether the music industry should have tried to save Amy.  In the post, Natalie Cole, a former addict herself, was interviewed on the subject of Amy Winehouse and argues that, yes, labels (or just someone in the biz) should have picked Amy off of the ground:

[Cole] said the industry has a responsibility to step in and push an artist out of the spotlight until they get their personal act together.

“Somebody in that circle needs to be there to go, ‘Uh uh, you’re going to have to sit down and get some help,'” she said. She said she has seen past examples of a record label halting production of new albums until an artist gets clean.

Perhaps Cole has a point.  The piece concludes with Cole stating, “Somebody needed to care about that girl, and I don’t know if she had that.”  Maybe she did need an exec to step in.  Maybe a lot of things….

But, in the end, she did it to herself.

And here’s the thing: I understand that addiction is a powerful entity.  I understand that it can take control of your thoughts and emotions, thus making it damn near impossible to make a coherent decision.  I understand that addiction is a mental disease.  I get all that.  But it’s not like getting pneumonia or cancer.  In order for to a dependency to occur, you have to try a drug first.

So that doesn’t excuse musicians singing songs about their very fucking drug problems while continuing to indulge in them.  To me, that’s more than a little disingenuous.  Imagining Layne singing, “Down in a hole/ Losing my soul,” taking that royalty check, and buying the very goddamn thing that he just wrote and sang about?  Fuck that.  Here’s the thing: if you’re writing and/or singing a song about your own battle with drug abuse (especially if you’re writing it!), you’re not too far gone that you can’t realize you need help.  Any other rationalization is absurd.

Maybe there’s at least some blame to given to the music industry for allowing songs and albums of this nature to be released.  But it starts with the musicians themselves who write and/or sing them.

Or maybe I’m way off base.  Maybe Amy and Layne and Jimi and Janis and the rest of ’em just didn’t do enough drugs or do them in the correct order.  After all, Keith Richards is still alive.


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  • PaigeO

    Tell me you’re joking, you have some nerve posting a picture like that and saying don’t bother mourning about Amy. (yeah , its A-M-Y) You call yourself a writer? Get some respect, you deserve no fans. You’re just mad because Amy was way more than you’ll ever think of amounting to. RIP Amy, and go green! That is all.

  • sandra

    A young woman died. Just like so many before her. Regardless of the cause this is a tragedy. I can’t belive anybody can be so heartless to say that mourning her death would be a waste of time. And bringing Layne Staley’s life and art into this tragedy is just nasty. Addiction is a disease I agree and nobody chooses to get addicted. If there is a person who has never tried anything stupid, dangerous or reckless – from mountain climbing or paragliding to DUI or trying drugs, this person is either dead or has never been young. I am not sure which is worse.

  • Brad

    I sure hope you don’t get paid to write!

  • Mav

    Layne Staley was a true loss. His death really shook me up. I still feel like someone should have made a greater effort to help him.

    It’s sad what happened to Amy Winehouse but she also did it to herself and didn’t really have much of a career.

    Drugs, particularly hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, are an incredibly stupid idea. It would be nice if people could start to realize that.

  • Manny

    I think the person that wrote this article is 100% CORRECT! She did this to herself. Although a death of any human being is a sad tragedy. What makes it that much more pathetic is that just because she sang a few songs and a had a real talent for music, people hold her in such high regards. That fact is, her life was no more significant than that of a drug addict homeless person struggling out on the streets. The only difference is, she made a few choices that were good for her career. Unfortunately, the other choices such as abusing drugs and turning down multiple opportunities to participate in rehab ultimately costed her life.
    It’s this simple… Throw a rock up into the air….It’s going to come right back down. Action is usually followed by consequence. Keep playing with fire and you’re bound to get burned. So, with all due respect……What an idiot!

  • Jeff

    You clearly have no understanding of how addiction works.

    The next time someone someone you know dies from obesity-related causes, be sure to mention how the person made the choice to be that way, stubbornly refused to get help or work to make the help stick, and died early neglecting their family and friends by indulging in it.

  • caprice clarke

    Unless we commit suicide, we rarely know what is going to take our lives or how they will end. Those of you that write scathing remarks about this talanted young womans’ demise, with respect to drugs and other demons that are destructive to our lives, well, you have no idea in creation what drove her to seek solace, or to attempt to erase memories of pain, or whatever person, entity, or event caused her to consume drugs to erase the obvious pain she suffered. However, I can assure you what goes around comes around. Those of you that may think your hateful remarks will make you appear wise and pristine are sadly mistaken. You will always, always pay for your hate but be rewarded for your goodness, kindness, gentleness with joy in life and in death. You, in the long run, will wish that you would have followed the suggestion “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Especially if you are subjected to being a target yourself. Be sensitive to the fact that you don’t know another persons’ pain or joy….unless you can read minds and feel hearts that break.

  • Manny

    People make things out to be more complicated than it really is. Ok, let’s think about where addiction begins… If she would have never done drug then obviously I don’t know what it’s like…am I right or am I wrong? But “SHE CHOSE” to do those drugs and the result was that she liked it…am I right or am I wrong? Knowing what we know now, she did like it. She liked it so much that she had to have it on several occasions and again, then again.

    Then she had to have it again. I think it’s safe to say that somewhere between the first time trying it and her time of death, she was addicted,….am I right or am I wrong?

    Don’t you think it would be a little senseless to claim that she was addicted to it before she ever tried it, not knowing anything about it up until that point?

    Or are you going to try to support “addiction” with the BS story that she came out of the womb with a need for heroin and a gang of other drugs because her parents were users during birth?

    Regardless of how you look at it, she had choices to make in her life just like everyone else on this planet. Her choice was drugs! She was offered the “help” she needed and turned it down. No matter how you look at it…. She paid the price!

    This is the sad thing about people, too many can’t just accept the fact. There’s always somebody looking for an excuse or someone to blame. It’s sad that so many people just can’t “own” their faults and accept the fact that they made a mistake.

    I know I’m probably coming across like a smart ass person with no compassion for life. On the contrary. I can respect the loss of life. But I’m not that person that can’t speak truths especially when some things need to be said.

    A little cliche’ish? “What comes around, goes around”. I’m not damning her or saying she was a bad, evil or malicious person. All I simply said was, “she made some bad choices, she’s just another person on this planet, just because she had a talent that doesn’t make her any better than the next person on drugs, & she rolled the dice and lost”.

    I can see your confusion and why you would mistake all that I’ve said as “passing judgement”, but think about it. All I have mentioned isn’t just made up out of thin air. Did she use drugs? YES. Did she have a choice to stay away from drugs? YES. Did she opt out of the offers and suggestions to get help? YES. So much that she sang a song about it, remember… “REHAB”…smh.

    Demons? Hurt? Pain? Need to erase? Let’s take a quick look at her life. Her parents divorced just before her teens. Grandma seen she had a talent and puts her in a school of arts/theater (How many other kids get that? NOT MANY!). She went on to do tv and music. She followed her talent. She went on and grew up doing something she loved and was passionate about.

    Oh C’mon! Half of the U.S. population comes from a broken home! Nothing new there! We’ve all encountered drugs &/or alcohol of some sort at some point or another! Nothing new there! You think the demons, hurt and pain came WHEN SHE STARTED DOING DRUGS????

    Hey, I respect your opinions, please just respect mine. I’m not trying to be controversial, but fact is fact!

    Until next time… Have a great day! :)

  • caprice clarke

    If this was as a result of my post, cncerning Ms Winehouse, please except this as my reply.

    You are making it so much more complicated that necessary. The woman was a drug addict. Period.

    You don’t know why. And, you don’t care why. You just know what you know, which isn’t much, or any more than anyone else does. You simply have an opinion, a very harsh one.

    Rather than consider my opinion, you choose to talk about her parents and such and such. There are no “clee shays” in my statement!
    There is only my opinion. Ms Winehouse did choose to do the drugs. The Point is, you don’t know why. Yet you have an opinion about her parents, her grandmother, her school, and a a miriad of blah, blah, blah, yet you still have no idea of why the woman used drugs. Certainly it was not because she came from an fine upstanding family, or that she was educated, or that she was talented. You have NO IDEA, ZILCH!! yet your opinion of her is everything but respectful. Why is that? I assure you Mr Manny, you have no idea what so ever except to have an opinon that you think will give you a demonicum of respect for the sake of “your opinion”.
    I don’t know you nor do I think our paths will ever physically cross. However, I do know that you have not given one thought about Ms. Winehouse other than she used drugs! I stand by my opinion that you read, and totally misunderstood, or refuse to acknowledge. And one other thing, You have no facts, only that she abused drugs. The fact is, you have no idea why!! But you know how to talk about her family, her education, and her drug use. Like I said, you dont know why she used or abused drugs, but you talk like you lived in her head. Why? Do you think your remarks will stop others from abusing drugs, or do they satisfy a need for you do degrade the educated, talented, wealthy, drug abuser? Personally, I think you are jealous because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and talant that you will never achieve. Maybe not!! Who knows? Certainly not you or me!! Try to be kinder. You will receive more love that way!!

  • sandra

    If anybody who has the misfortune to get addicted to drugs and dies as a result “had it coming”, should we say teh same about the people who smoke knowing that this will likely lead to cancer, lung disease and death, about the people who abuse alcohol knowing they can develop liver disease and die, about people who overeat and don’t exercise knowing this will lead to heart disease and death? Are we too fast condemn people whose death is drug related vs all other preventable causes?

  • Lynsey

    I agree wholeheartedly with the writer!!! Any idiot know if you take heroin then you get addicted. Her along with Peter dochery are the most pathetic & Unessasary junkies ever!! I’ll tell you why she abused drugs……..cause her junkie ex husband did!!
    Amy had the luxury of being financially stable & being from a good family to go into & be supported through rehab but as were all aware she said “no, no, no!!”

    Keep your sympathy for the families of the norway tragedy or many of the millions of other innocent lives taken someway or other.

  • Manny

    You couldn’t be more spot on! Sandra & Lynsey, that is my whole point EXACTLY. In all fairness, I can say that I’m not quick to condemn anyone just because the cause was self-induced by use of drugs. I think smoking, alcoholism and gluttony are and should be regarded one in the same. No matter how you look at each,… they can all be avoided. I have a friend that has been a smoker for over 26 years and 4 months ago he quit smoking and is running in a 26.2 mile marathon this weekend. He just quit one day “Cold Turkey” and told himself that in 6 months he’ll run a marathon. Wondering how you get 4 months of no smoking out of a 6 month goal? He beat his goal by 2 months!

    He realized that smoking was ruining his life and made a CHOICE to quit! Nobody intervened, nobody had to step in and suggest this option. He did it on his own.
    Of course I understand that not everyone can get addicted to something and make the choice to suddenly stop at once. Nobody is pushing cigarettes, alcohol or food down the mouths of people. They are doing it on their own. I’m far from perfect and I can accept that, but remember I’m not here to condemn anyone. I’ve simply stated fact.

    I think all of those vices have their price but are not really much different than drugs. You don’t really hear that someone overdosed on a cheeseburger, bottle of wine or one cigarette but to overdose on a drug doesn’t take much to make happen in one sitting.

    In reply to Caprice, my remarks are not an effort to stop anyone from using drugs or to degrade the “educated” (I’ll come back to that one), talented nor the wealthy drug abuser. I’m comfortable enough to admit that I’m nobody of significance to think I can stop any of the above mentioned to stop abusing drugs. I can say “Don’t use drugs” a million times, but if a persons don’t want to… that is their choice. You used the word “educated”? Perhaps a little education would have prevented this death, ya think?

    Am I jealous of her? What part would you be speaking of? Jealous of her musical talent? Knowledge of drug use or lack of? Her ability to knowingly turn down help to the point of writing a song and singing openly about it?

    I think a person would have to fall to an extreme lowest of lows to find themselves jealous of her.

    I love myself far too much than to let an ounce of jealousy go out to a woman that didn’t love herself enough to stay alive! (“stay alive” is used loosely because she made a conscious choice to use drugs that ultimately took her life.)

    Money, musical talent, illegal drugs, silver spoons, silk robes, & even sheets of Egyptian satin have no value over my life. Obviously her priorities were in “other places”. Additionally, I can assure you that I really have NO IDEA why she chose drugs. Which further supports my words exactly. Me knowing that what and why aren’t the statements made and really don’t amount up to anything, but the who and what are….Who? A.W. What? Used drugs and died as a result of it!

    All this comes circle to what the original writer wrote to begin with…. “Don’t Bother Mourning Amy Winehouse…”

  • mick Manglo

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  • danny

    Not being funny, but you CAN’T compare Amy Winehouse to Layne Staley, they were two completley different people. Amy took drugs for partying, but Layne was completley messed up in the head… Amy came from a solid well off family, Layne didn’t he barely knew his real dad and when he got chance to meet him, his dad got him in to heroin at the agw of 17!And if you took the time to research about AiC songs like Junkhead, you would know that he wasn’t saying they’re not so bad, it was him coming to terms with being an addict, and that he realsied he wasn’t going to be able to get off them, so he accepted that.

    There’s alot of reasons why people do drugs, the stupid way that Amy did, by taking them for partying, or the way that i don’t condone but understand, the way Layne taook them in order to escape the pain of reality…

  • Jen

    You are A COMPLETE DICK and an idiot

  • natalie

    to all who claim “she did it to herself,” i hope you never see a friend or family member die from drug addiction. because it’s not pretty.

  • Manny

    Did she “do it to herself”? Sure she did! Do I know friends or family that have died as a result of drug or alcohol addiction? That’s a big 10-4 on that one too! I know too many people that have died because of drugs and you’re right, it isn’t a pretty thing to witness.

    Who’s story would you like to hear about? My cousin Tom? My friend Carlos? A previous co-worker from 8 years ago, Tony? My uncle Carlos? A friend, Genevieve and how she left two young children alone when she died, not to mention her children’s father who was murdered as a result of gang/drug violence? I can name a few more if you like….

    The first time I heard of a friend/family member going through drug addiction I was shocked, surprised and even in some kind of awe that a person could wreck their life so much over drug use. But after I saw it continue and a few more people got into that life, I became somewhat numb to it. I’m not saying I didn’t care because I did have concern for their life when they needed the help.

    The sad thing is, the statistics are what’s overwhelming. Of the above mentioned people, only 1 of them is alive today because someone suggested rehab and he went. So I really don’t think that whether I knew them personally or not should change my opinion of the fact that they made a choice to use drugs or the fact that they did it to themselves.

    Ms. Jen, if me recognizing the fork in the road as to whether to use or not use drugs is being a “complete dick” or “idiot”, then “yes” I’ll be a “complete dick” that chose life. Call it what you will.

    I’m curious, have any of you experimented with drugs? If so, what types of drugs have you experimented with? Forget that, I’m really curious as to the true reason why you would use?

  • Stephanie

    Layne Staley is my favorite vocalist of all time. His voice was like that of an angel to me. That is all that matters…..

  • Binky

    What a vile and disprespctful article. Firstly the authour obviously knows nothing about Alice in Chains to come out with “Down in a hole” being about addiction, secondly addiction is a disease, not a lifestyle choice or something that is to be glorified. Addiction is a mental illness, and comparing the two signers (great in their own right) is pretty poor.

    This article should be removed.

  • dawson

    DIAH is surely not about drug addiction. Ask Jerry Cantrell. And if you’ve read anything on Layne you would have known that he was regretting his drug use and glorification.

  • capriceclarke

    you’re an idiot!

    No need to reply, in fact, only an idiot would reply. Gnaw on that for a while.


  • The Jester

    Oooooh Caprice!

    Your literary prowess has “Mammy” running for the hills! “Mammy” never stood a chance by you using terms such as “Mammy, You’re an idiot!” Omg! Then you hit him with your $5 word “gnaw”, to boot!

    It looks like you’ve got everyone in this thread gnawing on the fact that you should have read more books or actually used that library card your parents gave you as a child, more often!

    The truth is, this is an article where “adults” come to express their personal opinions & comments and discuss amongst eachother those very things. It’s not about name-calling or taking it as personal insult.

    Now Caprice, if your not going to play nice with the other kids, your going to be asked kindly to go home. Do not pass “Go”! Do not collect $200! Go straight home and sit there to think about how you can be a better person!

    (Yes, it’s ok. I’m sure you dont know what it means. Go look it up.)


  • caprice

    Jester My Dear,..

    “Mammy” was a typo to Manny nothing more. If he deserved to be dubbed “mammy” for some remark he made I certainly would hop to it. We simply exchange differences of opinion. However, I will keep that in mind intend to evoke laughter from the readers due to some remark he makes.

    It is apparent to everyone that reads this that you are off base. It appears that you are attepting to provoke me into a battle of wits with you. However, you do not have a weapon.

    And so your drivel will go unanswered, ignored, and flushed down the toilet where it will make friends and populate.


  • caprice

    Please excuse my typing errors in the above reply. I did not look back for errors. No need for me to correct them, I am just sorry for my po’ typin’ and my bad lidarechur.


  • Manny

    Now now now Caprice.

    Let’s all get along…

    Btw, well said Mr. Jester… haha!

    Good evening…

  • caprice

    What a poor attempt to get off the subject of drugs and Amy
    Winehouse. You, Manny, joining forces with a nimno that is making an attempt at calling me Negro, and you cosigning the effort. Apparently we can not all “get along”. I will be woman forever and I will die recognizing the brotherhood of two weak males trying to degrade a female. Therefore, brushing away the trail of the subject at hand. Which is Drugs and the death of a fine performer, Amy Winehouse. I am also here to tell you that the two of you have the strength of a gnat to a fine woman, black or white or brown or red or yellow. Men of your ilk are but fodder to a real man male. I say again stick to the subject at hand. Make an attempt to be men, instead of my favorite word, dare I say it, uh idiots! Let me remind you again, the subject is AMY WINEHOUSE!!

  • Chase

    Are you really so insensitive that you believe she shouldn’t be mourned just because of her drug habits? Disgusting.
    But if that isn’t enough to show you what a tool you are, they believe she died of alcohol WITHDRAWAL. That means she died trying to get sober. Have some sympathy for people’s struggles.

  • SoCali.

    Wow.. you are a very ignorant person. Drug addiction is actually a disease, whether you think so or not. I’m not saying it is right to do drugs. But I can tell you that is a very hard thing to go through. I can almost guarantee you that they had a hard life and that is most likely the reason thay started doing drugs. Who died & made you Jesus dude.? Don’t judge people you asshole.

  • Eugene Sidwell

    Your ignorance and lack of compassion is unfathomable. I would say “for a fellow human being” but I find your writing devoid of merit and bereft of humanity. Return to your trolling of youtube videos, you are a disgarce to the journalistic profession.

  • capriceclarke

    I have not checked in on this site for a few weeks, thanks for inviting me to make comment on the then subject Amy Winehouse. I simply thought the two males that were trying to match wits with me were defeated. lol. I do not see anymore scathing remarks about my thoughts concerning about the lovely music of Mz Winehouse. lacking those, I figured my comments carried more weight and that I am the victor!!….and that the two witless wonders had admitted defeat by their silence. Long Live the Music of the Talented Amy Winehouse!!
    My condolenses to her Family and Close Friends for thier loss of a Family Member who will always be remembered by her recordings of music that will be remembered for many many generations to come. She borrowed style from the great jazz vocalists blended it with her own and did it good, and left her own mark on the music world.
    By the way, ask any jazz musician who influenced him or her and he or she will quickly come up with a name. Quickly!!

  • Trina

    Wow.. really? Obviously you have never struggled with addiction. It is a up hill battle for the rest of your life, and I am only combating nicotine. I could not imagine the struggle it would take for many of those drugs. There is a reason they say relapse is part of treatment! I don’t give a hoot who she is, famous or not, death is never “ok” because the deceased had some kind of illness, self inflicted or not. Do you say the same things about severely depressed individuals who are seeking help (meds and therapy) who commit suicide? Don’t be a douche.

  • Rae

    You are right she was JUST another human being. One who had family and friends and I am sure people who loved her dearly and will miss her for the rest of their lives. To say she doesn’t deserve any mourning is absurd. Addiction is a disease and until you have struggled with it yourself or watched somebody you love dearly succumb to it, you should not be writing an article such as this. The drug or alcohol use is often to numb deep emotional feelings. It’s way more than just making a conscious decision to try them more than once. Do yourself a favor and sit in on an open CA or AA meeting. You are obviously quite ignorant and could use that experience to widen your perspective about addicts.

  • Becky

    I would like to take a moment to point out that she had an autopsy that was drug free. Maybe you should get ur facts before making such judgements… A life is a life and a loss of life, no matter how it had been lived, is still worthy of mourn. I feel mostly sad for her parents in their time of loss, having to deal with people like you. Imagine someone said the loss of your child was not worth mourning.

  • JT Streed

    You are one of the most disgusting people I could ever imagine. You obviously don’t understand what it means to be great. She released two of the most brilliant albums that have ever been published. Her lyrics are great, her voice was that of a goddess, and her looks were simply breathtaking. You are nothing more than a second rate blogger. Good luck ever accomplishing anything with your life.

  • sarah

    Really? You use a *photoshopped* picture of her smoking pot and then bitch about her drug use? Give me a break.

  • Kay

    How very tasteless and misinformed of you. Amy did not die from her drug use but because she was trying to get clean. Does it make you feel good to talk about dead people this way? I hope no one is paying you to write as they are getting royally ripped off. So the only people that have reason to abuse drugs are the poor or mentally ill? How very naive of you. Where is this black/white world you live in? A terrible article, you should be ashamed.

  • Brandon

    To the author of this article:

    You display an appalling lack of understanding of the nature of addiction, drug use/abuse and mental disease/disorder, and an even more appalling lack of compassion towards your fellow humans.

    I am a singer/songwriter presently dealing with the consequences of my own addiction to drugs. I am lucky enough to have the tools to fight my addiction (friends and family), but if I had not, and had lost my battle, could you face my family and tell them that they should not mourn my death?

    The anonymity the internet affords us makes it easy to spread hate, consequence-free. That freedom, however, comes with a moral responsibility to use it for, at the very least, benign purposes. You have violated that, and, in my eyes, at least, forfeited any trace of artistry as an author. You may not mourn her, but Amy Winehouse died more of an artist than you will ever be.

    Go smoke some more crack you callous fcuk.

  • Y2Kramer

    Whoever wrote this article is ignorant. It’s sad that a media outlet can post something like this a still benefit from all of the hits it gets online. You clearly know nothing about drugs, drug addiction, or how the music industry relates to them. You can’t judge someone for having tried drugs in the first place, because you know absolutely nothing about their life leading up to their first time trying them. Maybe not everyone is as perfectly content with their life as you are. Some people have pain in their lives. Some people are just looking to explore and try new things, and unfortunately this can lead to drugs as well. Either way, it’s not your place to tell people not to mourn the death of any human being. That’s just wrong. You come off as very ignorant and arrogant in this article, and if you want to succeed as a writer, you should probably stop acting like your better than other people.

  • Baghead Kelly

    Unfortunately many people don’t seem to register the concept of adiction, including I’m sad to say many doctors. As for the photo of Amy Winehouse, thats a stitch up and not even a very good one.

  • MarriedToMaryJane

    Youve obviously never dealed with any sort of addiction, most people that have addictions realize theyre fucked but are too far into it to kick it. I agree that using highly addictive drugs is bad in itself, but theres a reason so many people struggle with addiction. Have some compassion.

  • Leona Lewis

    I am eternally grateful for those who lack understanding in the intricacy of addiction. It means they have never dealt with it on a personal level. Whether it be themself, or a loved one. Although the ignorance is hurtful…god bless your lack of experience with tragedy.

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