A Short Guide to Running Your Own Club Night

If you love music and want to put on your own club night, there are quite a few things you should plan for and manage before hand. Whether it’s booking the artists, the venue or simply doing some promotion work, it’s important that you plan before hand. Here is a short guide on what to do and what not to do in preparation for your club night.

Stick to your Budget

Stick to your budget

It sounds simple but plan out your night and stick to your budget. Budget for artists, venue and promotion costs and figure out what you’ll need to charge on the door to at least break even after a certain number of people pass through the doors. Club nights rarely go smoothly so try to have some money spare just in case something unforeseen happens in the lead up or during the night

Plan your Promotion

Plan your promo

You could have the best venue and the best lineup, but if you fail to promote your night properly, you wont get people through the doors. Flyers and posters are a common way of promoting and social media is also hugely important. Whichever method you choose, make sure it’s the right method for your night. Maybe observe what other nights are doing in the area and take inspiration from that.

Don’t Misjudge your Market

Dont misjudge

If you hire a venue in a club that is known for live bands and you want to put on a dubstep night, then chances are your attendance will probably be lower than you want. Try to choose a venue that has a history of putting on nights of the same/similar genre. Also, make sure your price of entry is comparable to other nights like it in the area. If it’s much more expensive, then some people just want come

Sorting the Sound system

Sorting the sound

When people go to a club night, they go to have a good time and to dance to the music. This means the sound system has to top quality. If the club can’t provide you with a decent sound system, why not look into hiring one. It’s usually not too expensive so you could budget for it.  If you get the system installed, wires and cables will be all over the place so it’s important to keep the area safe. Do this by taping down cables and putting up safety signs. Contact Proshield signs for more information.

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