Combichrist stream new album: We Love You



Combichrist – We Love You album artwork Source

One of my all time favorite bands decided to share their upcoming album almost one week before its release. The album, We Love You is set to be released on March 24 and it contains 13 tracks and the deluxe edition contains 6 more bonus tracks. Check out iTunes in order to pre-order the album. Below is the album’s tracklist without the bonus tracks.

01. We Were Made To Love You
02. Every Day Is War
03. Can’t Control
04. Satan’s Propaganda
05. Maggots at the Party
06. Denial
07. The Evil In Me
08. Fuck Unicorns
09. Love Is A Razorblade
10. From My Cold Dead Hands
11. We Rule The World, Motherfuckers
12. Retreat Hell Pt. 1
13. Retreat Hell Pt. 2

Enjoy the album below!

Also, starting April, the band will go on a tour in order to promote their album. Check out here more information about the tour dates and tickets. Enjoy below a promo video for the We Love You Tour featuring William Control and New Years Day!

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