Check out The Agonist’s first inerview with their newest singer

Tue, Apr 15, 2014



The Agonist Source

The melodic death metal band from Canada revealed their first interview with the newest singer, Vicky Psarakis. The interview provides some new thoughts regarding the band’s future and the band members also talk about how Vicky joined the band.

The Agonist will start recording their upcoming album at the end of this month and according to the band’s guitarist, Danny Marino:

Creating this album has been an amazing experience so far.
The songs on this album represent a culmination of the past 10 years, as well as a new beginning for The Agonist . We’re also thrilled to be back in the studio with our old friend and longtime engineer Chris Donaldson.

A month ago the band’s former singer, Alissa White Gluz left the band in order to become Arch Enemy’s vocalist, as Angela Gossow decided to retire from the music industry.

Recently the band  released their newest single, Disconnect Me. Find more about it here.
Check out the whole interview below!

The Black Keys reveal new single: Turn Blue

Tue, Apr 15, 2014



The Black Keys – Turn Blue album artwork Source

The American rock band decided to share their new single, Turn Blue from the upcoming album with the same name. This is actually the second single revealed from Turn Blue, the first was Fever and it was revealed on March 24. The album is set to be released on May 13 and it contains 11 tracks. Check them out below!

01. Weight of Love
02. In Time
03. Turn Blue
04. Fever
05. Year in Review
06. Bullet in the Brain
07. It’s Up to You Now
08. Waiting on Words
09. 10 Lovers
10. In Our Prime
11. Gotta Get Away

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and the band posted on their official website that if you pre-order the album you’ll get an instant download for Fever and Turn Blue.

Speaking about the album, Patrick Carney said that:

We are always trying to push ourselves when we make a record – not repeat our previous work but not abandon it either. On this record, we let the songs breathe and explored moods, textures and sounds. We’re excited for the world to hear ‘Turn Blue’

Also it seems that the album’s name, Turn Blue, it might have a lot of meanings according to the band’s drummer:

A: Suffocation B: Sadness C: Numbness from extreme cold D: A Cleveland late night TV host from the 1960s named Ghoulardi E: All of the above

Enjoy the song below!

Lana del Rey reveals new song: West Coast

Mon, Apr 14, 2014


Lana del Rey finally released a new single. This time the song is official, its name is West Coast, is one of the tracks from her upcoming album Ultraviolence and she actually premiered it at the Coachella Festival this weekend. After last’s week leak of Meet Me in the Pale Moonlightthe artist actually posted on her official twitter page the name of her upcoming single, which is West Coast, making Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight just another leaked song from one of Lana’s demos recorded a long time ago.

I have to say that even though we don’t know much about Ultraviolence, not even the release date, if the whole album is like West Coast, I am sure that this is going to be the best Lana del Rey album so far. The song  seems a little bit more mature than her previous songs, but it still has her vibe and it’s also a very adorable and catchy single. The artist said about about Ultraviolence that:

It’s a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I’ve been working on it really slowly but I love everything I’ve done. I’ve been writing in Santa Monica and I know what the record sounds like. Now I just have to finish it. Musically I’ve worked with the same three guys.

Enjoy this lovely song below!

Check out Nirvana’s Performance featuring Joan Jett, Lorde and St. Vincent

Fri, Apr 11, 2014



Nirvana Source

Yes, this is about that Nirvana band which used to feature Kurt Cobain as singer and guitarist. It seems that the band was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and with this occasion at the ceremony also attended the former Nirvana members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife Courtney Love and family.
Check out below the band’s acceptance speech:

Even though the band lost its frontman 20 years ago, Nirvana was still able to perform and rock the scene almost like the old days, with guest artists like the rock’n'roll feminine legend Joan Jett, the youngest most successful artist Lorde and also the very talented Annie Clark from St. Vincent.

Check out below how Joan Jett totally rocked Smells Like Teen Spirit and the other performances!

GWAR announce Dave Brockie foundation

Fri, Apr 11, 2014


Almost three weeks have past since GWAR’s frontman passed away and no one actually knows what was the cause of this unfortunate event.

The members of the band decided to create a new Dave Brockie Foundation in memory of the artist which will have the purpose to support all kinds of creativity:

The Dave Brockie Foundation is a charity with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performance in the arts. It intends to be a support system to those who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of creativity. It will encourage promising talents as well as preserving the legacy of Dave’s work.

Also the band announced their idea regarding a monument in Richmond, Virginia in memory of the artist:

The foundation’s first goal is to finance the creation of a memorial monument in Richmond, Virginia to provide the world with a place to pay respects to the memory of a very cherished man.

Everyone who wants to support this cause is invited to make donations on the band’s official website.
You can check out below a video made by the band in which they announce their idea about this project. Enjoy it!

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