Band to Watch – Lisbon

A new one for you here! After being recommended to listen to Lisbon, a four piece band hailing from Newcastle, England, it’s fair to say I’ve had them on repeat for the last few months.

A track which you most likely may have heard is “BLUE LOVE”, a melodic and pleasing song on the ears, with vibes that make you wish it was summer all year round. It’s really a track you can’t help but have on repeat and with the single recently played on Radio 1, it is clear to see the future looks sweet for these guys.

Lisbon had a fair few tracks on their SoundCloud but these have since been deleted, with only three tracks featured. These are “NATÏVE”, “RIO” and of course “BLUE LOVE”. The page offers you the chance to listen to their upbeat, captivating and catchy style, with memorable guitar riffs, charming choruses and passionate indie pop melodies that seem to take the reins in bands from the North East.

I’m keeping an eye on these guys and definitely recommend you to as well!

Lisbon currently have two singles available on iTunes here:

Check out their video for BLUE LOVE here:

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