Check out Lana del Rey’s album artwork for Ultraviolence



Lana del Rey – Ultraviolence album artwork Source

The artist posted on her official facebook page the album artwork for her upcoming album, Ultraviolence. Last week, Lana also shared the album’s tracklist. Find more about it here.

Lana del Rey also released the video for the first single from Ultraviolence, West Coast, but still she hasn’t confirmed an official release date for the album. According to various sources, it might be at the beginning of the next month.

Also for this album, Lana confirmed that she worked with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, which was actually very impressed by her:

She impressed me every day. There were moments when she was fighting me. I could sense that maybe she didn’t want to have anybody think she wasn’t in control because I’m sure it’s really hard to be a woman in the music business. So we bumped heads a little bit, but at the end of the day we were dancing to the songs.

About the album’s artwork I have to say that it’s not as I expected. It’s kind of too simple for those song names and also for the album’s name, but I bet she still has a good explanation for this.
Enjoy the video for West Coast below!

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