Pearl Jam to release new single in July

In the words of guitarist Stone Gossard, the new album is “almost done” – so we really should be expecting something from them. However, things are a little shady, because the release was announced on All Access, but then was deleted, but one thing’s for sure: Pearl Jam‘s definitely cooking something.

pearl jam

If it does show up in July, then it will be the band’s first release since the 2011 “Ole”. According to recent statements from guitarist Mike McCready, this album will be “way better” than its predecessor, and will likely hit the shelves next year, in 2014:

“It’s almost done and as far as what it sounds like, it sounds like Pearl Jam,” Gossard told Guerrilla Candy. “You’re going to hear some rock songs and you’re going to hear some quiet songs and you’ll hear some songs in between. That’s all I can really say about it because we aren’t talking about it yet so it doesn’t make much sense for me to say anything.”

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