Back in September, I wrote an article in which, amongst other questions, I asked Alex Day how he planned to achieve his goal of making it to #1 in the charts by 31st December 2012. He told me; ‘By working bloody hard and doing everything I possibly can! I’ll give it my all and then at least I won’t regret it if it doesn’t work out.’

Well, December has finally rolled around, and the song Day has chosen to compete for the top spot is ‘Stupid Stupid’, which, in his own words, is ‘very silly and fun’.  

Now, if this is the first time you have listened to this song, and you have already decided you don’t like it, I’m asking you to give it another chance, because to be honest, I really didn’t like it at first either. I thought it was too silly; too eccentric; but as the day progressed, I found myself humming the tune, singing the lyrics, and going back again and again to watch the video. And, as well as the song’s catchy nature, the sentiment behind the silliness is actually really nice. 

Starring his own family, the video and the accompanying song encapsulate typical family life; a grandparent telling stories that don’t go anywhere, your mum being absolutely certain the doorbell has rung despite the rest of the family saying the sound came from the television, and your partner forgetting your anniversary. These instances are quite apt, considering it’s Christmas; a chance to spend time with your family and ‘admire’ their quirks. Yes, sometimes they’re ‘stupid stupid’, but you love them despite their flaws.

In response to those who believe Day should write more serious songs, check out this blog post. I’d also ask why a more ‘serious’ song deserves to do better in the UK charts? It’s Christmas! Why must we always be singing about romance and lost love?

If he gets to #1, Day has promised to give £30’000 to ‘Save the Children’, a charity that works in 120 countries; saves children’s lives, fights for their rights and helps them fulfill their potential. So if you want to help him do this, watch this video, which documents his grand plan to clinch the #1, and buy his single.

Also, it goes without saying that you need to check out 2:14 of the music video.

And yes, that is his Nan behind him.

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