Five of the best at this year’s Live At Leeds

Five of the bands I am most looking forward to at Live At Leeds, the city music festival taking place over May Bank Holiday…for the price of what, 4 pints in London?


Huw Stevens, Zane Lowe and Fearne Cotton all love The City by 1975, and I am inclined to agree that as upbeat summer struts go, it’s not at all bad. Now let’s find some summer.

Little Comets

Thundering slaps, wailing and whirring, jangling guitars and pots and pans being all perky and jerky and rhythmic and rambunctious riffs – this is jaunty pop at its best.

Darwin Deez

Have you ever seen Darwin Deez live? Imagine the Macarena. Cubed. Epic.

Likely Lads

What became of outspoken, brutally brilliant music? It’s here.

Post War Glamour Girls

Fantastic name, grippingly dynamic vocals, and an oscillating set of melodies that swells and snares, Post War Glamour Girls are one of my favourite discoveries of 2012.



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