Part Of Your Life- Aquilo


I listened to ‘Part Of Your Life’ by Aquilo on a train coming out of London in the rain, and it was the perfect accompaniment. Trains make me think, and the electro-hypnotic flow of the track makes it easy to either zone out, or stay deadly focused. This is not a summer song, it suits the rain, but that doesn’t mean it’s in any way dreary. It flows smoothly through an abyss of calculated noise and reverb, carefully crafted together to create a song that is haunting, but also strangely settling. The vocalist has a beautifully chilling voice, however sometimes the ‘breathiness’ makes the lyrics difficult to make out. The ambiguity can be nice though, as it creates a tension that the chorus releases with the lyric, ‘It’s a part of your life now/let it stay’.

Sometimes it’s not the always the catchy happy songs that are the most uplifting, and this track proves this; I can see many late, lonely nights being accompanied by this song.

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