Bless The Fall: Deja Vu: Single Review.

deja vu


Bless The Fall cradle their metalcore sound into the light yet again. The band that hail from Arizona, sing the sorrow on new track ‘Deja Vu. It’s not an easy listen as the guitars cut through the vocals with might and fury. Lead singer Jared Warth’s vocals pounce and trap you, he has a very unique voice, and when he bellows you will bellow with him. When the screams die, his voice peppers the song with a tinge of emotion.

The riff contained in the song is very pleasing but not complex, sometimes you don’t need complexity in a song to pass across your sound. You won’t find ruthless solo’s but you will find is metalcore played until it bleeds, it will enter your mind and it will play there until you want it to leave.

The growls and screams are what Bless The Fall live by, if there weren’t any, then the song would be flat and unworthy, unclothed, and uninspiring. That’s the way they play, that what’s they hone and craft, they’ve made their screaming tension their trademark.

Overall, I feel Bless The Fall have drafted in a new single that will please their faithful. They have strung together melodic metalcore that will make the hairs on your spine stand like soldiers on a mission.

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