“Young Blood” EP and exciting new artist, Saint Raymond

Keep your eyes set on this promising singer-songwriter from Nottinghamshire.

Callum Burrows, better known by his stage name Saint Raymond, is not afraid to get you addicted to his indie-pop gems and after the success of his E.P “Young Blood” smashing the U.K charts, we can be eager in expecting great things from the creative teenager.

Only 19 years old and having already supported HAIM and Ed Sheeran, it is fair to say there is a lot on the horizon for this exciting musician. With his moving voice, evocative lyrics and catchy guitar twangs you can’t help but sing along when the chorus hits. I can’t say it’s anything I’ve heard before because his music just feels like a breath of fresh air. For a perfect first listener feel, the single “Young Blood” will get you nice and comfortable. With a chorus that rolls into a catchy chant and lyrics that will keep with you for days, it is with no wonder that I cannot deny it the title of one of this year’s top summer festival tunes.

If you haven’t already, get your sights set on making Saint Raymond one of your top artists of 2014, because in the end, you will be well aware that he is.

Young Blood is available now via National Anthem and a debut looks promising for the latter of 2014.

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