New Breed – The Flood

What up and welcome to a new piece in Zmemusic called the New Breed! Every week we bring you new, and buzzing hip-hop artists’ music, news, and interviews to keep you on track with the growing hip-hop scene out there. So since this is the first in a long line of beautiful music we are giving you The Flood. For the next few days or so we will “flood” you with new (or old depending on when you herd them) download able music to give some a taste of what’s to come, and others the time to catch up on the new material. Also, every month we will introduce you to either a new or buzzing artist. This will give you information on the artist, and give you free music by them, and since this is The Flood we will be giving you not one, not two, but three new/buzzing artists. But that’s not all!!! Periodically we will feature mixtapes of new/buzzing artist free for your viewing ears. So sit back and relax, for we are bringing you New Breed – The Flood.

— Oh yea, almost forgot. If you have any suggestions or questions, like if you should download or just listen to the music on the website, leave a comment you can shape this too.


Gemstones – Good Morning

Wa’jee – Empire

Santogold feat. Theo – Creator Remix

Blu – Glory Us

Mickey Factz – Up High

Theophilus London – Hero

Theo – Something For Me

Wale – Flashing Lights

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