Black Sabbath announce new album in 35 years

The gods will return! It may not be Ragnarok, it may not be Armageddon, but the gods will return – the gods of metal, that is.

sabbathBlack Sabbath will release their first album in 35 years, and it will also mark the original line-up reuniting, along with producer Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. They will also be joined by Brad Wilks of Rage Against The Machine on drums, after a contractual dispute with original drummer Bill Ward shut him out from the reunion in early 2012.

Their album ’13’ will be available on June 10, and after that, they will embark on a world tour with appearances in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, with additional tour plans in Europe and North America expected to be announced in the coming days.

Black Sabbath are back people – and we’ll get the chance to see them live! Just writing this makes me as excited as a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber show.

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