Contest: Breaking Benjamin signed poster, CD and t-shirt

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin

This week’s giveaway consists of a signed Breaking Benjamin poster, a CD of the band’s latest album “Dear Agony,” which came out this week on Hollywood Records, as well as an official band T-shirt. The bundle pack will go to one ZME reader, chosen at random from the comment section (via So, all you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment bellow naming your favorite BB song. Good luck!

Note: The contest is available only to US residents. If you’d like to be notified of future ZME giveaways, please subscribe to the blog. Contest ends next Friday, the 9th of October.

Breaking Benjaming – ‘I Will Not Bow’

UPDATE: the contest is now over. Winner: EVAN.

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  • Samantha Robinson

    I have loved Breaking Benjamin for years now. They are definitely one of my favorite bands! My favorite song by them right now (because I have many favorites) is… Crawl. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way Ben sings in it!! His voice is so perfect. =] I love BB!

  • Logan

    Well my fave track is I will not Bow

  • Evan

    Skin and Polyamorous are my favorite songs.

  • Emma

    My fav song is “Crawl.” Hope I win :D

  • Mark Harold

    Without a doubt, The Diary of Jane. kickass song!

  • AnaBonn


  • Meg

    My favorite song is Give Me a Sign

  • bobbillybob

    My fav track is Crawl.

  • Kris Tourek

    Polyamorous is still my all-time fav

  • caleb brown

    my favorte song has to be had enough!!!

  • Jodie Hiller

    Have you looked at Cool idea. I wonder if someone has already taken all 9’s.

  • Travis

    Breaking Benjamin is my all time favorite band. I listen to it so much that i got my little sister sarah into Breaking Benjamin, and she named her sugar glider benjamin. Now she loves them to. All of their songs are awesome, but my favortie song is Hopeless.

  • maqbool agha

    all songs are daamn good i used to hear all albums everyday luv it

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