Foxy Music: Ham Sandwich Announce White Fox

I feel it would lower the tone if I were to make a "horny" joke. We're a classy joint, see?

October: the month that previously gave us Hallowe’en, Thom Yorke, and Jean Claude Van Damme. But none of those will matter this year, because 2010 is the year October gives us Ham Sandwich’s new album. Hurrah! Eat that, you Belgian troglodyte.

So! White Fox, for that is the album’s name, is due out on October 1st. Which is… (consults calendar)…. less than a month away! In fact, as of tomorrow, it’s precisely three weeks away. Which isn’t very long at all. I need more time to prepare!

As an excellent teaser for the album, please direct your pretty eyes to this and then this. And then follow the clicky for a special video surprise.

I wanted to embed the full speech, but stupid Youtube wouldn’t let me embed those videos. Watch it in full, epic glory by clicking this: THIS.

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