What is ZME Music ?

ZME Music was established at the beginning of May 2007 and since then has rapidly developed into a leading blog, in the music blogosphere. We post daily with the latest news in the industry, record and concerts reviews, weekly features and interviews with the hippest artists.


We really need all the help we can get, so don’t just sit there and lend us a hand! If you have tips for a really great news item, then don’t hesitate and Contact us. If it’s good enough we’ll post it on the website and credit you, if you wish.

Be the ultimate contributor by applying for a job with us as an Editor . Don’t pass this great chance. You’ll be working with our great staff, be in contact with some important people from the music industry and simply blog about what you love most: music. Use the contact form in the menu if you wish to get in touch with us. More info about applying for a writing gig, here.

Bands and Labels

If you’re part of a aspiring band, but find it difficult to get people to notice you then hit us up with a e-mail, detailing your bands bio and work. If we like your band, we’ll most likely do a feature post about it. You can also drop of a CD and if suitable, we’ll review it.

Labels are more then welcomed to drop off LPs, EPs, DVDs and whatever other merc you can think of, alongside the usual press releases. Our e-mail is office [at] zmemusic [dot] com. If you represent a band or a label and wish to send out physical material for our consideration, please hit us up with an e-mai and we’ll supply a shipping address.

The Staff



Various other contributors and inactive staff members:


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RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that’s easier than checking them manually.

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We spend long hours, so our readers can enjoy the latest news, reviews and articles at first hand, but that means a lot of dedication, work and money from our behalf. It isn’t easy and most of us thought about quitting, but your steady donations prompt us to go on with our work. Please, if you can, make a donation, no matter how small and show your appreciation of our efforts. Thank you.

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