Justin Timberlake also put out a new single, “Suit & Tie”

Yeah, so another artist from the Aughts put out a comeback single of sorts.  But, unlike the one earlier this week, JT’s “Suit & Tie” is worth hearing more than once.  You can hear the song on his site, or you can stream it below.

The good news is, this song’s old-school.  He ain’t looking to the future with this, but instead going to music before he was born.  (Ya know, the good stuff.)  Horns aplenty and infectious synths swirl around a simple snare-based beat.  It’s great stuff.

The bad news is, shockingly, the Jay-Z guest spot.  Sure, he’s still got it, but it’s an uninteresting verse about dressing well and wedding-related stuff.  Eh.  His sheer force of will makes the verse a close-enough fit  next to Justin’s musical sex.

The single is apparently from an upcoming album The 20/20 Experience, which will be out this year.

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