New Music Monday: 30 July

New Music Monday
“Monday, Monday so good to me . . . Monday morning, it was all i hoped it would be”, sorry about that, was having a depressing walk through ’60s memory lane. Anyway speaking of Mondays, lets take a look at this week’s new things. [tag]Good Books[/tag], “Britain’s next big thing”, as they’ve been dubbed by many critiques release their debut album “Control” this week, while another young artist [tag]Amy MacDonald[/tag] puts her first record on the market “This Is The Life” this week as well.

Pretty Ricky - ‘Late Night Special’
Pretty Ricky – ‘Late Night Special’

Newton Faulkner - ‘Handbuilt By Robots’
Newton Faulkner – ‘Handbuilt By Robots’

GoodBooks - ‘Control’
GoodBooks – ‘Control’

Deep Purple: Come Taste The Band [remastered]
“Deep Purple – ‘Come Taste The Band [remastered]’

Amy MacDonald This Is The Life 2
Amy MacDonald – ‘This Is The Life’

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