Closer (Akouo Remix)- Thief


I made the decision to listen to this version of the track when I saw the link, rather than go and listen to the original first. Immediately I was was hooked and felt it stood up as a song on its own, which is always a good sign when it comes to remixes, which can often be simply remixes for the sake of remixes. Labeled on soundcloud as ‘bleepstep’, its glitchy and unexpected, but not to the extent that it is irritating, and is just about melodic enough to keep you interested. The stand out to me is the way Akouo has processed the vocals, the orignal with an added higher pitch.

I then went and listened to the original, and unfortunately for Thief I much prefer the remix. It’s still interesting, and the instrumentation is great, its just the song itself that I feel lacks something. Stream and download them both here:

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