†††Crosses (Chino Moreno) released new video: The Epilogue

†-†-†-Crosses-full-length-Album-Cover Source

†-†-†-Crosses-full-length-Album-Cover Source

††† Crosses – Album artwork Source

The band  ††† (CROSSES) is Chino Moreno’s (the singer from Deftones) side project which also  includes Shaun Lopez the guitarist from FAR. The Epilogue is one of the songs from the band’s self-titled debut album which was actually released in February this year. The album is also available on iTunes.

According to Chino in an interview for Rolling Stone, the sound of this band is more like new wave, different from what he actually plays with Deftones:

By listening to the music, you can tell that a lot of the influences come from the new-wave era. That was basically the scene that I came up on. I just happened to wind up in a metal band when I was 15. I’ve always had a deep passion for a lot of early electronic and sampled music.

I bet that many of you thought that they are going to sing something more like christian rock or a more religious approach, but it’s nothing like that, the Deftones‘ frontman also explains why did they choose this name:

I think a lot of bands are influenced by religious symbolism and not even necessarily Christianity or Catholicism. Our band definitely doesn’t follow any of those. It’s more of the aesthetic. The art, the way it works. The initial name of the band was going to be HOLY GHOST. But at the last minute, another band came out with the name, so Shaun suggested CROSSES. It’s a very strong symbol. Three crosses is great. It’s great to look at, there’s three of us in the band.

Also it doesn’t mean that  Chino Moreno won’t work with Deftones anymore, actually recently the artist confirmed the fact that Deftones started working on their upcoming album. Find more about it here.
Enjoy the video below!

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