Boostalk: Greatest rapper alive

I do believe that I’ve found the greatest debut single by any artist in the history of time. He goes by the name Boostalk, which is so awesome that suggesting it means nothing is irrelevant (I’m not counting Bradley Nowell’s personal meaning). It’s part of this new post-logic movement that my generation started.

Anyhow, the ‘Stalk has the flow of a rapper many years beyond the talent displayed here. Seriously, he can spit words that rhyme. To a beat. And look at the video iself, it’s in black and white – that’s hardcore, man. Watch him pump that iron and….then again later. In fact, it’s the exact same video clip. But hey, you can’t hold that again the (giant) ‘Stalk because he’s got more important items on his agenda. Like, how he’ll give “the wackest dudes” a punishment of “a boot right up their asshole [sic]” and that, as a result, they’re “gonna need the real Tylenol.” That’s just….man, that’s gangsta. 2Pac was never that hard or that honest.

As for the music, the main hook recalls the first half of the decade wherein Li’l Jon dominated the radio with air-raid synth lines. The drumbeat is so totally East Coast, something that Boo probably stole from a 50 Cent mixtape. Not stole as in “lifted from another song.” Boo stole the thing as in, “he literally absconded with the actual tape.” He totally showed Fiddy who’s gonna rob who, muthafucka. When fused together, you got yourself one hot, bipolar joint that radio just ain’t ready for.

This is my new homeboy. And he’s gonna be huge. Mr. Carter, watch your back.

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