Trivium: Brave This Storm: Single Review.



Renowned for their ferocious metal sound, Orlando based band Trivium walk back into the music coliseum with fire in their blood. New single ‘Brave This Storm’ is melodic and brutal, it’s like a beast with sharp claws cutting the underbelly of emotion, you can hear the emotive lyrics resonate.

‘Brave The Storm’ beats hard. We come to expect that from the band. The song commences with hard hitting guitars, that are masked in venom. then lead singer Matt Heafy’s voice seeps through like blood on a bandage. He sings with rage and love, he morphs into an enraged soul, pounding the minds that listen.

Trivium embarked on creating a distinctive single, and I feel they have done that with ‘Brave This Storm’ It won’t win the metal crown, but it will do is make the fans yearn for more.

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