Muse with a new album in September [?]


OK! Don’t get too exited, since this may or not really happen, as there a lot of complications that might intervene in a studio and, most importantly, the source of the story is Wikipedia.

As of February 2, 2009 Muse has already made it into the studio and begun recording at least one song for their upcoming album. On, a news headline has stated that the album is slated for a September 2009 release, and a new tour of France, and most probably Europe is to follow in the fall.

In the February issue of Australian youth magazine jMag, released by radio station Triple J, it was said that Matt Bellamy had announced in the band’s forum that he had written the “hardest song ever”. He said “There’s a new song in three parts, which I have been working on sporadically for many years. As a large percentage of the composition is orchestral… I’ve been arranging the orchestral elements myself, which is taking a long time.” He hopes that the tracks will feature as the finale to their fifth album. Source: Wikipedia

If we add the fact that the band has already been working on new songs since the Black Holes and Revelations tour, this could turn out to be, not only believable, but very realizable as well. Oh, and that orchestral composition piece just sounds amazing! This is gonna be one hell of a ride.

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