Avril cancels some tour dates

The best damn tour? Yeah, right. The one thing she could have done to erase the not so great image (for true fans and music listeners) she’s created was to make a great tour; and that’s what she promised to do. Well… she didn’t

In news that will undoubtedly make Hillary Duff (her arch rival) a bit happier, Lavigne stated that she was rendered speechless after coming down with acute laryngitis. This alleged illness forced the Canadian rock pop chick to scrap a total of six additional shows on her North American tour, bringing the grand total of nixed dates to eight.

“My sincerest apologies to all of my fans,” she said in a statement Saturday night. “My intention was to complete the rest of the tour, but tonight at sound check in Anaheim I realized this wasn’t possible. Even though I have been resting my voice for days, when I tried to sing nothing came out.”

While I really do feel sorry for her as well as for her fans this could be somehow her fault (what you put inside you actually affects you… for real; that goes for lifestyle too). Anyway, refunds will be available and all that stuff. Oh, one more thing: give us the good Avril back, you mean witch!

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