The Killers cover Joy Division for biopic

The Killers
This week, what is considered, one of the best music biopics ever made, Control, is set to hit the US theaters. The movie follows Ian Curtis (Riley), the enigmatic frontman of Joy Division whose personal, professional, and romantic troubles led him to commit suicide at the age of 23.

The biopics soundtrack is made out of old, classic Joy Division sons and covers performed by various artists, one of these songs is  the band’s hit “Shadowplay” covered b [tag]The Killers[/tag]. Is it any good? Unfortunately not really, Brandon’s voice is totally out of key and simply the band just doesn’t sync very well to the JD vibe. You can listen to Shadowplay here. The cover will be included in the upcoming Killers B sides collection “Sawdust” scheduled for 11/13 on Island.

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  • halloween music

    I always loved Joy Division :)

  • pj hardly

    This is the season for cover songs. and while i admit this cover isnt really that great, there are some amazing covers floating around. Division Day has been releasing awesome covers (sunny day real estate, roxy music, depeche mode) to rally support for their latest album, Beartrap Island. and last week i heard the coolest cover of my favorite new order song, “true faith” by the gostation.

    seems like smaller bands do the cover song better than the bigger bands now a days.

  • Dawn

    Are you kidding? The Killers covered that song perfectly! The cover was better then the original and Brandon’s voice was beautiful as usual. The drums were fabulous too! You might be a bit deaf baby! Get with it! : )

  • http://NIKOTINELL.COM Deneen Gamet

    Appreciated every bit of this article.Thanks Again. Truly unique.