Download DRM free media with AudialsOne: the review and 5 licenses giveaway

audialsoneWhat the heck is AudialsOne?

Boy, boy! Well, in a nutshell AudialsOne is one powerful piece of software that enables users to record anything you might be streaming on your computer, be it audio or video, and then stash it on your computer without any kind of loss in quality.  Free music in the bag!

Not impressed? Let me go more in depth about this Tivo for recording media from the Internet.

AudialsOne: the review

The installation was pretty intense, seeing how the software installed a few additional media codecs and compilers to the base install, but it’s well worth it, considering the combined end result capabilities.

After a rather daunting install, I was met with a even more daunting interface, but which was still intuitive after a few minutes of browsing around. However, the interface is organized as such solely because of the myriad of capabilities AudialsOne offers.

You can basically, record any type of media you might be streaming, be it a song on or Pandora, or a video on HULU or Netflix, and then download it to your computer, in over 100 formats (you can put it on your iPod, your phone, whatever!), all without loss of quality (even HD videos still convert to its faithful original quality). Guess what, you can also download almost any type of podcast.

I had far too little time to dwell too much into the program, but from what I’ve seen, this is powerful stuff! The AudialsOne website states, and I can confirm to a degree, that their database can browse through over 80 genres and 70,000 artists within minutes!

I put the software to the test when I looked around, and eventually download, some obscure dubstep and minimal techno tracks – it found them with ease, and in a matter of minutes I was listening and uploading the respective songs to my mp3 player. That easy! It even copied the DIV3 tags.

Another awesome feature I can upon is the AudialsOne USB installation. You can install the software on a portable USB memory drive and use it anywhere, anytime (school, work, etc.)

In time, I’m sure I can come up with other great features I might have missed, as well as downsides, but so far I’m very impressed!

The Contest

We’ve got 5 AudialsOne licenses (each worth $60) to give away to 5 lucky readers. Here’s how to enter:

  • leave a comment below in the post.
  • twit with a link to this post and the tag #ZMEaudials

Each of the above two options gives you a chance at winning a licence. If you decide to do both, you’ll get two chances :).

The winning comments and twits will be selected at random next week, April 30th. Good luck!

You can download the software for free here and try out. The only limitation is a 40 songs download milestone, after which you’ll have to buy a license. After the contest ends, we’ll also post a 20% coupon discount, so heads up!

Note: this is NOT a paid post.
UPDATE: the winners are – kelly, trevor_k, vhick, sean and pam. I’ve sent each of you an e-mail with the license code, so check your inbox. Also, for those of you who enjoy using the software, and would like to buy it, you can use the AudialsOne4US coupon code for 20% off.

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