Review of “Be Eccentric” by Good Problems

Photo credit Benjamin Peterson

Pat Brown says it best in his artist bio: “been around the world and back numerous times already at age 23.” He’s been in and out of bands since age fourteen, most recently the pop punk group Sing It Loud.

After their breakup, he bonded forces with “hippy-hop” giant ModSun and took on the role of tour manager. It was only a matter of time before they came together to make music as well.

It’s easy to see ModSun’s influences in Pat Brown’s newest project Good Problems. The Sing It Loud vocals are easy to hear, but the backbeats and happy-go-lucky point of view are a new and fresh addition to this record. It’s less of an EP and more of a musical exploration through the different ways of looking at life.

Think Deep, Don’t Sink” lets him try his hand at rap verse, while “Collapse” is the most similar to SIL’s last album Everything Collide. Mod Sun and fellow artist B Rolla both make appearances in tracks, with B Rolla providing an excellent change in vocals for the song “The Sunset is the Morning.” However, the opening track, “I Like to Change” is probably the most progressive (and catchiest) hit on the record. Through straightforward lyrics and brisk melodies it asks the simple question: “Who are you gonna be today?”
Brown’s mentality is the thing that shines through the strongest on this seven-track and it makes you smile the entire time. Regardless about your feelings toward hip-hop, electronic, or whatever you try to classify “Be Eccentric” as, this is a download guaranteed to make you think about your life and how you live it.
You can download Be Eccentric for free at and follow Pat on twitter via @thepatbrown.

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