Download Andrew Bird: – ‘Oh No’

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird always struck me as an incredible songwriter, with a wide array of awesome songs spanned multiple albums, that could make even life long lived band envious. I mean, when someone releases a new internationally acclaimed album almost every year, for the last 10 years, at least, you know you’ve got true talent at your hands. Anyway, if any of you is interested in what our little Chicago troubadour has been up to lately, know that he’s prepping a new album soon. He’s latest effort, titled “Noble Beast,” is already finished, now being in the mixing stage, with a release date scheduled for January 27th via Fat Possum.

The first single off of it is called “Oh No,” and it features all the classic elements of an Andrew Bird hit: whistling (never fails), violins and the ever present summer time breeze. Stream and download bellow. [MP3 via indiemuse]


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