New Music Monday: 25 August

We had a few weeks of kinda modest releases in the past, but the situation seems to have come back to its normal summer season self, as September’s dawn is about to begin, and with it a bundle of awesome new material. Now, the biggest thing this week is probably the new Verve album. I mean, definitely! The band hasn’t released anything in over 10 years, and, as you might guess, the anticipation has been steadily building up for the fans close to boiling point. This is their fourth studio album, and it’s been suggestively titled… “Forth.” I’m expecting my copy in a couple of days, so tune up for a review.

Another crowd favorite with new stuff, this time in more profane circles, is the Iowa masked metal band Slipknot, with a new album called “All Hope Is Gone.” Way to go for inspiring some faith, folks! Anyway, it’s been getting some decent press and positive critique lately, so one could say the guys to come over with this one, but don’t expect another self-tiled. Then there’s the one and only BB King, the master of blues and one of the skillful guitarists in the world, back with a new LP, his 24th actually, titled “One Kind Favor“.

Who here doesn’t love Dragonforce? They’re kinda the only band that can be badass and lameass at the same time. They have a certain combination of rock ‘n’ roll and geeky lifestyle, that makes them quite interesting. The band’s latest album is out this week, titled in their own characteristic fashion “Ultra Beatdown.” Oh, surprise, surprise Michael Jackson’ back too. No, not with a new album, but just another compilation album, called “The King of Pop.” The “king” has released his last album back in 2001, and since then he’s released 6 compilation albums! Some may say this is a bit preposterous, but apparently people still buy this crap…over and over again.

The Verve: Forth
The Verve: Forth

Cordero: De Donde Eres

Blues Traveler: North Hollywood Shootout

BB King: One Kind Favor

Wild Sweet Orange: We Have Cause to Be Uneasy

Solange Knowles: Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams

Michael Jackson: King Of Pop

The Game: LAX

DragonForce: Ultra Beatdown

Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

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