New Music Monday: 29 October

This week we’re getting a total mainstream bombardment, with a new release from the most popular boy band ever [tag]Backstreet Boys[/tag] with “Unbreakable” at one side and with what can be considered one of the most controversial and awaited releases of the year in the form of [tag]Britney Spears[/tag]’ latest album “Blackout,” at the other. Luckily there’s also a dose of retro, to help cope with this series of pop extravaganza, with “Long Road Out of Eden” shipping out this morning from behalf o the iconic american rock band [tag]The Eagles[/tag].

We’re not really what you’d call soundtrack fans, but this recent excellent compilation of [tag]Bob Dylan[/tag] covers made for his “I’m Not There” biopic, is a must have for any Dylan fan and it’s out this week.

Backstreet Boys  	Unbreakable
Backstreet Boys: Unbreakable

Britnet Spears Blackout
Britney Spears: Blackout

I’m Not There
Various Artists: I’m Not There Soundtrack

The Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden
Eagles: Long Road Out of Eden

Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden  	Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden
Kate Tucker and The Sons of Sweden: Kate Tucker and The Sons of Sweden

Ian Ball 	Who Goes There
Ian Ball: Who Goes There

David Byrne  	The Knee Plays
David Byrne: The Knee Plays

Puscifer  	V Is for Vagina
Puscifer: V Is for Vagina

Saves the Day  	Under the Boards
Saves The Day: Under The Boards

Mario - Go
Mario: Go

Chris Brown - Exclusive
Chris Brown: Exclusive


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