Download: Josh Ritter – ‘To the Dogs or Whoever’

Josh Ritter[tag]Josh Ritter[/tag] is the type of artist, as opposed to today’s mainstream stars, who doesn’t sit in long hours studio sessions, just to let the computers do his work. He likes to walk in a studio and just start recording whatever comes to his mind, singing with his heart and mind; the end result can be seen in his latest album, The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter, a very raw and passionate release.

Did I mention he very much resembles [tag]Bob Dylan[/tag]? Actually if you aren’t listening carefully you probably think it’s Dylan playing, luckily Ritter has his own signature sound: fast, spitting, almost rap like vocal lines, dusty guitar and old piano lines, are all almost omnipresent sounds in his songs.

‘To The Dogs or Whoever’ is an excellent example to the stated above, fast lyrics and dirty guitar lines, toped by piano notes, while the chorus erupts. A very passinote song and very worthy listen.


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