[DOWNLOAD] Salad Fork – A Compilation for World Hunger


Louis Kishfy, a blogger from Rhode Island writing for Salad Fork, just released a philanthropic project called A Compilation For World Hunger, packed into 2 CDs, featuring mostly up and coming indie artists, in which he tries to sensibly the audience to the dire issue of world hunger.

I have been working diligently during this month of August to put together a new charity compilation to help combat world hunger. I have handmade eleven CD packages, each unique and personalized for each person who purchases one. It is free for everyone to download, and most of the proceeds from the physical purchases will go to Action Against Hunger. Each compilation features a different apostle, with the first package featuring ‘Jesus’ himself. This is meant to signify Jesus and his apostles, obviously. I did not choose to do this for religious purposes, but only to highlight the significance of the limited release. This compilation is meant to celebrate the art of the compilation as well as limited releases, and all for a good cause. I have also been fortunate to have Justin Vallestros of Craft Spells create the digital art for this compilation, as pictured above. The first CD is all track premieres/exclusives, and the second is some of my favorite tracks from the last quarter.

You can purchase the limited edition package here, or download the digital compilation for free after the jump.

CD 1

CL Sosa: Good Things (Never Last)
Elite Athlete: Moving Set
Spells: King Shivers (Live)
Fluffy Kittens: Concentration Is Good Except In Camps
Omnivore: Take It All
Craft Spells & Emily Reo: Love Well Spent
Port City: Colours
XO Kid: Unhappy Sex Addict In The Old West
Wools: Sing (Blur cover)
Mainslide: Pizzicato
Megafortress: Police Elevator
Fossil Cities: Running Man
Quit: 9/11 Responders Bill
Green Gerry: Eyesssss


CD 2

Yung Life: Patient Love
Birthdays: JNCO Genius
Rabbit Punch: Munchie Dreadlock
Port City: Feel It Out (mastered version)
SBBD: Layered Dust
Sunnybrook: The Way You Know Me
Tennis: Marathon
Our Husband: Villages
Michael Parallax: Rainy Vacation
Gem Trails: Old Kid


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