Download: Hearts of Black Science – ‘Gold and Dust’

Heats of Black Science

Heats of Black Science

My latest find of the week is the Swedish duo Hearts of Black Science, who managed to impress me thanks to their ice cool electro sound which has kept me on their myspace, streaming songs, for hours now. From what I can tell, their previous material had a bit of a dark vibe in their ambient synth pop, but the band’s latest work, the single “Gold and Dust,” seems a lot more upbeat and, dare I say it, more commercial… Either way, I’ve grown quite fond of the band and their eclectic music and personality. One of the band members comes with a background from directing horror films and playing in metal bands and the other with a love of electronic music, synths and knobtweaking past. I’ll leave you to judge the end result.

[MP3] Hearts of Black Science – ‘Gold and Dust’

Any more Scandinavian synthpop groups you’d like to share?

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