6 great grunge bands you would have never found out about [w/ bonus]

Anybody here remember the good ol’ grunge days ?? Grunge was about …well it wasn’t about anything, really, but it changed our lives and despite the fact that it didn’t last for a whole lot of time some songs will be remembered forever, in the golden frame of eternity, and the influence of grunge is ever so present in our times. We all know Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and of course, Nirvana; these guys were everywhere. Worn jeans, dusty sneakers (remember converse??), and fat meaty sounds were the hype. But the paradox was that grunge itself was an unpopular, but all of the sudden, it was popular to be unpopular, so most bands were quite uncomfortable with this idol status. So many bands remained relatively unknown, despite their obvious skills and ability; with the setting of the grunge era, they faded too, and risk being lost and forgotten. Cheers to you, unknowned yet skilled grunge bands!

Green River

The band

Named after a serial killer, Green River were quite a known band… in their home city, Seattle. Their commercial succes was little to inexistant, but this didn’t stop the band members. Mark Arm (who later formed Mudhoney), Steve Turner (joined Arm in Mudhoney), Alex Shumway, and Jeff Ament (who later joined Pearl Jam) went on to pioneer what would be the first grunge sound, sludging hard rock, punk, and lost of booze together.

The legacy

The band still has a handful of fans today, who bought albums and stuff and watch videos on youtube. However, their true legacy remains in the sound they created and developed and in the band members, that went on to sing in other bands, that actually made it on MTV. Go figure.


Green River – “Queen Bitch”

Green River – “Swallow My Pride”

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