Missy Higgins: ‘On a Clear Night’

Missy HigginsArtist name: Missy Higgins
Album name: On a Clear Night
Label: Eleven/Warner Reprise
Gender: Acoustic Rock
Release date: February 26, 2008
ZMErating: 9/10
Website: www.missyhiggins.com

Missy Higgins is the kind of singer which you just have to love, for several reasons; she writes soulful music, without unnecessary sweets and flowers, her lyrics are actually very deep, without being fake or overly trying to impress but somehow manages to captivate you and take you into her soft world. Her videos are also great, touching the very essence of the song, without naked chicks, drugs and cars.What’s more about her is that you can really relate to her songs; they really tell a tale, with things most if not all of us have passed through, and you can really feel as if you were a part of the tune. Her first record was very good, and showed the unexplored potential within her, but also didn’t convince us beyond doubt that she would deliver again. But that’s exactly what she did ! She didn’t reinvent the wheel with ‘On a clear night’, but it’s a lavish collection of comfortable music, but hopefully this is not the best she can do.Let’s start with the bad things; while her tunes are not predictable, nor boring, it’s safe to say that they have a pretty common source of inspiration and quite limited. Her voice doesn’t go outside a safe range, although it does great and modulates intensly. That pretty much covers the bad aspects; the good ones are way more. First of all, she has such an emotive way of expressing herself that you just have to be knocked off your feet, metaphorically speaking.

Missy Higgins combines strength with openness, as in the opening track “Where I Stood” when she admits that “I don’t know who I am without you / All I know is that I should.” It’s this mix of power and vulnerability that lifts her above others. Her skills as a pianist are also brought in the highlight, as well as her delicate voice. For me, ‘Sugarcane’ stands out, being the most filled with feeling tune on the record. Overall, great quality from somebody who proved to be a fantastic singer. Well done, miss(y)!

Update: Missy Higgins just released a widget containing a video series called “Missy Takes The Wheel”, featuring the talented singer as she environmentally tours the United States and engages in various green activities. Check it out here.


  1. Where I Stood
  2. 100 Round the Bends
  3. Steer
  4. Sugarcane
  5. Secret
  6. Warm Whispers
  7. The Wrong Girl
  8. Angela
  9. Peachy
  10. Going North
  11. Forgive Me



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