Sex Pistols adds ‘Anarchy’ to Guitar Hero soundtrack + more dates

Sex Pistols
Fathers of punk [tag]Sex Pistols[/tag], reunited and meaner then ever have just re-recorded one of their characteristically controversial tracks, “Anarchy,” to be used in the forthcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. First time in the studio in 30 years and you record for a video game. That’s bad ass.


On a similar note, SP have added 2 more dates to their stellar reforming string of gigs. An extra night at Brixton Academy on November 12, followed by a gig at the Manchester MEN Arena on November 17. Guitar Hero III will be released a day before the re-issue of the band’s only album “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols“, on October 28. Gig dates after the jump.

November 8: London, England – Brixton Academy
November 9: London, England – Brixton Academy
November 10: London, England – Brixton Academy
November 12: London, England – Brixton Academy
November 17: Manchester, England – Manchester MEN Arena

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  • Charbarred

    Not that it’s not great news, but didn’t they already do a comeback tour in the 90’s?

  • Tibi Puiu

    They reunited in 1996 for the “Filthy Lucre” tour and have staged subsequent reunion tours in 2002 and 2003. They also re-recorded “Pretty Vacant” for another video game, called “skate.” Should’ve added that as well :D

  • Shanna Merzig

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