New José Gonzalez video: Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

José is back with yet another video, this time for the breathtaking, Massive Attack cover, “Teardrop.” The video is part of the deadly sins series of videos, centered around the ever present Pigman. Director Andreas Nilsson latest approach for Teardrop, this time, is a animated one, showcasing two desert depraved dessert ancient cities (the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah located near one a other.

A local bearded biblical fellow is invested with great powers that allows him to take to skyes, while a pack of thirsty elephants march across the scorching dessert sand. Up in the realm of heavens and absolute knowledge, the overseer (God) isn’t to happy about man’s sinful ways and apparently has had enough; he rains fire bolts upon the unsuspecting city dwellers, destroying their citadels and in term ending their lifes. The video ends with the figure of the symbolic Pigman. “Teardrop” is from José Gonzalez’s ZME recommended In Our Nature.

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