New Liars video: ‘Plaster Casts of Everything’

Aussie three piece [tag]Liars[/tag] have just released their new video for “Plaster Casts of Everything’,part of their self-titled upcoming album. The video itself is rather strange, directed by indie experinced video maker Patrick Daughters; it depicts frontman Angus Andrew apparently gone berserk, speeding on a dirty road, with his face looking very disturbing, overlappsed 2-3 times symmetrically with the body of a woman (I think it’s [tag]Karen O[/tag], please tell me if I’m wrong). Half way through the video the dude driving the car gets all mental and starts regurgitating a beam of light, that becomes a projector that depicts the rotating faces of the band members, after which straight out of the blue there’s some flashing boobs of a mid-aged woman running up the road in terror, chased by the mad frontman, i guess he catches her by the end, but who knows the lady seemed to could go 80 barefoot. All in all a fun video, its nice to see something different for a change. More please!

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