Karen O: ‘Where Has Rock’s Sexuality Gone?’

As I was telling you a few days ago, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back! They promise to bring back charisma and sexuality “back into the fray” with their new album “Mosquito”. You can listen to the sample track “Sacrilege” here.

Singer Karen O explained that she misses the gnarl and energy of the early-2000s music scene, when she and the band started:

“I miss the bands that were around when we first started out. When we came up, there was The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Make-Up,” she said. “Where has all the charisma and the sexuality and the gnarl gone? This album is about bringing that back into the fray.”

karen o

Really, and who can blame her? I mean rock was sexy, dark, dirty, it was downright sleazy! But can the Yeah Yeah Yeahs really bring that all back? I sure hope so – because Sacrilege sounds just fantastic, like their early golden years. However, for this album, she wants a more refined style, so we’ll see what shows up.

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