Five Finger Death Punch stream upcoming album: The Wrong Side of Heaven Vol. 2



Source Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side of Heaven Vol.2 

Five Finger Death Punch decided to stream their entire upcoming album, The Wrong Side of Heaven Vol.2, earlier then the release that, which is announced to be, 19 November this year. You can check it out on iTunes.

Earlier this year, in July, the band released the first volume of this album, the second one remaining withe the leftovers. Talking about the album, the band’s guitarist Zoltan Bathory said that:

We had this massive amount of music that’s very dear to us, possibly the best material this band has ever created…At that point there was no way to decide which songs to leave off the album. So we made the decision to release them all.

Below is the album’s tracklist:

  1.  Here to Die
  2. Weight Beneath My Sin
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4.  Battle Born
  5.  Cradle to the Grave
  6. Matter of Time
  7.  The Agony of Regret
  8.  Cold
  9.  Let This Go
  10. My Heart Lied
  11. A Day in My Life
  12.  The House of the Rising Sun (Folk Traditional Cover)

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