5 Tips to Starting a Production Music Business

Music Production

Music Production

Music Production

Music Production – Great Business to Get Into

It seems where ever you go, whoever you meet, you will come across someone dreaming of a career in music, but the big question is how do you get started in the industry? Production  music companies create music for Film, TV, Advertising and many media productions such as corporate presentations. They create a showcase library of pieces that will fit various sectors and also create bespoke music tracks for people that want something totally unique to them.

The users licence the music that is created and then use it how they feel fit. A notable company to look at would be Imagem Production Music as you can see they have a wealth of professionally created music to select from.


What you need

Getting started in production is there are specific things you need to start out with in order to build a successful company. To get started, go to school. Get a formal education that will provide you with the foundation you need. If college is not an option, start working at the bottom level and work your way up to earn the real world experience needed. After the education and experience you need to think practical. This is where you organize the contacts, contracts, and equipment such as:

  • Office Equipment
  • Computers
  • Recording Equipment
  • Studio Space
  • Marketing Aids (business cards, brochures, stationary, etc.)
  • Website and Domain Name
  • Producer Contracts
  • Contact Lists
  • Perhaps a freelance writer and a lawyer


Your Instrument

Electronic Electric Guitar

Electronic Electric Guitar

Another important aspect of growing your business is to know your instrument. You don’t have to be the next virtuoso but make an attempt to understand an instrument fully. Learn how to read music and take up the piano, guitar, or violin. The process of learning about an instrument will teach you about composition, tempos, and sheet music. This will give you a perspective from the other side of the soundboard.


Build a Library 

The backbone of production music companies is the wealth of the library that they have created. The only to do this is put in the hours in the studio and create tracks that cover lots of different niches from Christmas dittys to some banging house track for a blockbuster movie. Having a solid and varied library will keep you in great steed for making a successful company so this is the area to start building right now. An ancient Chinese proverb said the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago the other best time is now. You should feel like this about starting to write your music and building your backbone.


Here are some tips to help you get started and stay on solid ground:

  • Choose a position: Are you going to totally focus on producing music for others or are you going to be more bespoke and  aim for producing for one off pieces both company models make money and can be successful, but focus on one aspect to get started. You can branch out when you have established yourself.
  • Partner Up: When starting out money can be tight. So if you find yourself in a place where you cannot afford all the recording equipment you need, consider partnering with a local recording studio for your projects. This will benefit you by reducing large upfront cost.
  • Market Your Company: Everyone wants to just produce music but it is marketing that gets your name out among the public that needs your services. So put the time into your marketing plan. Learn to love marketing and advertising as much as you love creating music.
  • Every client counts: Take every client seriously. No client is too small, or too big. Make sure you take every call or meeting.


This is a hard business to break into and you never know how much you will make. At first you will not know if you are going to make $10 or $100,000, so you need to plan for the lean times. When you are starting out you might consider a part time job to help you make ends me. When you start bringing in more money an accountant can help you with budgeting, paying taxes, payroll, and planning for improvements. Money management will become were improvement to you.


Continuing education is a good way to stay up-to-date on your industry. Classes, conferences, and trade fairs will allow to you network, market, and learn about the up and coming changes within the music and production industries. If you do not stay current, the industry will leave you behind.


One big warning is to keep your focus narrow. Do not over commit the responsibilities of your business. Offering too many services may confuse your clients and potential customers. Stay focused and slowly include relevant services as your business grows.



There is a great deal to know about music and production to get started in the industry but you can be successful with education, marketing, and focus. Start out slow and grow from there. Networking at conventions and conferences will allow you to development a strong contact list and potential list of clients.


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