I used Earlove, the hi-fi earplugs to the Camera Obscura/Princeton Show @ Lincoln Hall on April 5th and my ears were definitely happy after the show. I was able to enjoy the music without the headache.

These ear plugs are super comfortable, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. ”Earlove ear plugs were designed to reduce overall sound level while preserving sound quality (i.e. no distortion or muffling of voices, environmental sounds, or music). Earlove uses the same patented technology as Musicians Earplugs™ for only a fraction of the cost.” (www.earlove.net)

If you frequent alot of shows like me and want to keep rocking out until you are 90 years old then you definitely need to get a pair. “The sound level at most concerts and clubs far exceeds safe exposure levels. Earlove allows you to hear the music clearly but at a lower level, like turning down the volume.” (earlove.net)

If you love your ears then check out Earlove.


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