New Music Monday: 7 April

Ashes Divide Keep Telling Myself It's All Right

April seems to be packed new music, with this week being flooded by new records from the likes of new and old acts alike. FIrst off there’s Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds, who’ve released their latest “Dig, Lazarus, Dig” LP in the UK, at the beginning of last month and are ready for US soil. Then there’s the indie veterans The Breeders, who’ve released their forth record in their long career, the highly anticipated “Mountain Battles.” The record’s already been getting a lot of attention and critical appraisal, like “near-perfect indie rock” from the New Your Sun.

The five piece Sheffield indie rockers of The Long Blondes simply blew me away with their smashing 2006 debut, now they’re back with their sophomore effort “Couples,” a release to keep an eye on for sure. I’ve been a fan of P.O.D. since like they first come up the radar, but their last albums, especially the last one, were very modest and kinda slumpy. This week the San Diego quartet will put out their seventh full length studio album in the form of “When Angels & Serpents Dance“; I just hope they make another Satellite. I’m also a bit curios to see how one third of the brilliant indie trio PB&john, sounds like alone. I’m talking about Peter Moren’s upcoming solo record, titled “The Last Tycoon.”

Other notable mentions include new records from Mel C, Man Man, Colin Meloy (ex-Decemberists), Tapes ‘n Tapes and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (the name always puts a smile upon my face).

Nick Cave - Dig, Lazaurs, Dig!
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!

The Breeders  	Mountain Battles
The Breeders: Mountain Battles

Rosey  	Luckiest Girl
Rosey: Luckiest Girl

Peter Moren  	The Last Tycoon
Peter Moren: The Last Tycoon

Matinee Club  	The Modern LP
Matinee Club: The Modern LP

Ike Reilly  	Poison The Hit Parade
Ike Reilly: Poison The Hit Parade

Drive By  	A Delicate Situation
Drive By: A Delicate Situation

Clinic  	Do It!
Clinic: Do It!

Marie Digby  	Unfold
Marie Digby: Unfold

Tapes \'n Tapes  	Walk It Off
Tapes ‘n Tapes: Walk It Off

James Otto  	Sunset Man
James Otto: Sunset Man

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin  	Pershing
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Pershing

Man Man - Rabbit Habits
Man Man: Rabbit Habits

P.O.D.  	When Angels and Serpents Dance
P.O.D.: When Angels and Serpents Dance

The Long Blondes  	Couples
The Long Blondes: Couples

Eric Avery  	Help Wanted
Eric Avery: Help Wanted

Ashes Divide  	Keep Telling Myself It\'s All Right
Meat Beat Manifesto: Autoimmune

Ashes Divide  	Keep Telling Myself It\'s All Right
Ashes Divide: Keep Telling Myself It’s All Right

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