Lanegan & Campbell Video: Hawk n’ Roll

An alt text! Hooray!

There are few things in this world that make my brain quiver more appreciatively than news of a new Mark Lanegan album. So let’s all get a -quiverin’, because Hawk is released this week – his latest collaboration with the lady we music cricket types are mysteriously obligated to label “Scottish chanteuse”, Isobel Campbell. That his work with Campbell tends to paddle indifferently around the more insipid depths of Lanegan’ s catalogue matters very little in the scheme of things, at least to embarrassingly puddlish fanboys like myself – it’s still new Lanegan, y’know?

Relevantly, Pitchfork, the impressively dressed scamps, have made available the video for the duo’s new single, “You Won’t Let Me Down Again”. The video is rather boring. The song does not follow suit. Jump this hurdle to view.

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