Is it Gwen Montana or Hannah Stefani? [with Video]

Source. Left: Miley Cyrus, right:Gwen Stefani.

Source. Left-Miley Cyrus, Right-Gwen Stefani

I avoided to write about Miley Cyrus even if she’s all over the internet, and I am not saying that I haven’t read anything about her, ’cause that will be a lie ( I have to stay informed, haven’t I?). All I read about her was how she changed her hair color, how she is no longer a teenager,etc., but confusing Miley Cyrus with Gwen Stefani from No Doubt it’s hilarious. I have to say that I’ve seen the video for 5 times now and I am still laughing.

You’re maybe asking who did such a tremendous mistake? Well, that’s the well known Flavor Flav. They just bumped into each other (Flavor and Miley) backstage at the iHeartRadio, music festival in Las Vegas, and Flav was very excited that hemet Gwen, she was very polite and sociable (I really don’t think that she was realizing what was going on), they took a picture, talked a little and then separated, until someone from Flavor‘s crew told him that she wasn’t Gwen Stefani. BURN! – You have to see his face. That’s the moment when he realizes what a big mistake he did, and turned to Miley to apologize.

What can I say, if I was Hannah Montana I wouldn’t mind being confused to Gwen Stefani, I mean like come on, she’s so gorgeous and successful, and I’m just a singer for 10 years old girls.

P.S. I attached the links to each name, just to be sure that you won’t confuse them too.Enjoy!


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