Zeitgeist in four versions

Zeitgeist CoverIt’s been 7 years since [tag]Smashing Pumpkins[/tag] last full length release, naturally i was ecstatic when i heard that , under a reformed lineup fronted by Billy Corgan, they would release a new LP. Now i find that Billy Corgan is just a money wolf, he doesn’t care about his fans financial status. What’s all this i’m talking about ? His upcoming record, to be released on the 10th of July, “Zeitgeist” is set to be distributed in 4 different versions!

Best Buy, Target and iTunes get each a exclusive bonus track, while  everyone else gets just the standard tracks.

As pointed out by pitchfork.

Standard Tracklist:

01 Doomsday Clock
02 7 Shades of Black
03 Orchid
04 That’s the Way
05 Tarantula
06 Starz
07 United States
08 Never Lost
09 Bring the Light
10 Come On (Let’s Go)
11 For God and Country
12 Pomp and Circumstance

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  • xombie

    Billy Corgan is far from a “money wolf” as you put it? The whole reason the Pumpkins didn’t reform a long time ago, as well as a BIG part of their disbandment, was the simple fact that “money didn’t help form the Smashing Pumpkins and it shouldn’t reform it.”

    These words came directly from Billy during a conversation with Jimmy Chamberlin when Jimmy brought up the idea of a reform in light of the recent wave of reforming bands (The Pixies, Duran Duran, etc)

    The 4 different versions of the album is a symbol of the true spirit of the Smashing Pumpkins and in the spirit of the album itself, which, the title DOES suggest and the key factor that’s always been part of Pumpkins fans: diversity.

    Plenty of other bands do the exact same thing all the time, releasing different versions of their albums/songs, but nobody ever complains about that. And what about people “re-mastering” old albums? Or releasing the same album with a rearranged track listing?

    Besides, I think Billy did it to prove a point because after all, nobody actually BUYS albums anymore. They download them. Pretty smart move to release 4 different ones, that way it seperates the TRUE fans from the fakes.

  • austin

    Thats retarded.

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