The Jersey Bore

I guess GTL must have gotten really boring and barely any girls were DTF. What other reason would Jersey Shore juice head Ronnie Ortiz-Magro take a crack at the rap game with “How The F%#K We Gettin’ Home?” Definitely not for publicity…no…reality stars never do stuff like that.

The production courtesy of The Extraordinary Gentlemen is not terrible, maybe tolerable at absolute best. The entire song, on the other hand, sounds like something off of an LMFAO album. Actually who am I kidding, this wouldn’t have even made the cut to get on any LMFAO album. That’s right, it exists: LMFAO, but worse! This may come as a bit of a shock, but Ronnie shows some serious role model potential here, throwing in the lines “We don’t take it easy/someone take my keys please.” Isn’t that nice, now impressionable young Jersey Shore fans know that it’s okay to get piss drunk as long as there’s a safe way home. He even used the magic word! That inspires me to use  it in my one piece of advice for Mr. Ortiz-Magro and friends. Ron, and anyone else on the Jersey Shore, please keep your noses out of the music industry, you’ve already tainted television. Thank you.

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