A$AP Nast- “Trillmatic”

A$AP Mob’s newest release comes from A$AP Nast, entitled ‘Trillmatic”. Nast appears poised to be the next Mob member to break out, following in Rocky and Ferg’s footsteps. Nast is decidedly different than those two however, not as catchy, or outlandish. ‘Trillmatic’ was not as infectious as ‘Shabba’ or ‘Goldie’, other singles released  by the collective, I was not sold on Nast after my first listen of the track. After a few more listens though, it really started to grow on me. It has an older feel to it, not as contemporary sounding as the majority of the A$AP body of work. This is expect though, for someone who loves the 90s as much as Nast. The video accompanying the song is nostalgic as well, opting for a more toned down approach than the highly stylized music videos the Mob has become famous for. Method Man’s feature is superb, as is to be expect from the legend. “Trillmatic’ is the first single of the A$AP Mob’s upcoming project Lords, scheduled for release in March. Expect Nast to be a prominent feature of the project. Check out the video,




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