Paws For Thought: Kelis As A Dog

It's Kelis. It's a dog. It's Kelis Dog! Like a police dog, but less useful.

Hurghhhh… Brrmmmm… I…. Uh… Throw me a bone here? What is this? A reaction to PETA hounding her? Have their con-dalmations sent her barking mad? Or is it just for shih-tzus and giggles? Fur what it’s worth, I’m sure there’s an interesting tail behind it. Whatever the story behind this pawtrait is (it’s a picture from her new album sleeve), when Kelis’ pup career comes to a close, she might find that weird furry cosplay at comics conventions is her true collie-ing.

Um… credit to 411mania for unleashing this string of pet-etic puns.

Still not a patch on Xerxes though.

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